Nuisance RCD tripping!

Ever had a problem with nuisance RCD tripping?  It’s one of the most common faults, often leading to repeat call outs. A good quality leakage clamp meter and some background knowledge can save a lot of time and frustration in fixing the problem. Modern appliances and plug-in power supplies, by the nature of their design,… Continue reading Nuisance RCD tripping!

RCD Auto test

Residual Current Device RCD test Auto RCD test does all the 4 tests twice, first at 1 of leakage ratting which was 30mA in this case, 5 X 30mA, 1.5 X 30mA it does it twice one for each side of the sine waves to measure the time it takes for the RCD device to… Continue reading RCD Auto test

Hitachi Gas Strip Nailer NR90GC2

Hitachi Gas Strip Nailer NR90GC2 Very powerful Hitachi Gas Strip Nailer NR90GC2, very useful and a great time saver if doing Dormer conversions or stood wall partitioning